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Our Client Says

  • “The counselling helped us to clear our mindset where Anurag will achieve his best.”

    – Mr. Pradeep Todi (Father of Anurag Todi)
  • “Career assessment and personal career counselling helped me to know about my personality and in deciding my career goals.”

    – Shambhavi Ojha, Baldwin Academy
  • “I can now easily take correct career decision in my life”

    – Nilesh Yamal, DPS – Patna
  • ‘LAKSHYA’ helped me clear many of my doubts and opened a wide scope of careers according to my interests and personality.

    – Aliba Alam, St. Joseph’s Convent
  • मेरी करियर काउंसलिंग से मैं बिलकुल संतुष्ट हूँ| मैंने जो सोचा था, करियर असेसमेंट टेस्ट द्वारा बिलकुल वैसा ही रिपोर्ट मिला| मेरी भविष्य को और आसान बानने के लिए ‘Lakshya – Discover Your Career’ को धन्यवाद!

    – अंकित शिवम्, महंत हनुमान शरण विद्यालय
  • Before taking the Career Assessment Test and talking to the counsellor, I was not definitely sure about my interests and career. But now, I am very sure about it.

    Avinash Kumar, B.D. Public School
  • The insights provided after the Career Assessment Test has helped me to make my parents understand about my actual capabilities.

    Shubhangi, Don Bosco Academy
  • The report and subsequent counselling has given me a clear direction for my career. I am more confident now to achieve my career goals.

    Nishant Kushwaha, DPS Birgunj
  • The Career Assessment Test has made us change our mind about what career path my daughter should take. It has given us confidence to let her chase her dreams.

    Vijay Osta (Parent)
  • First, it helped me get a clear picture of my personality, interests and my strengths. Then, I was suggested the appropriate career options for me, after which I was properly counselled.

    Srikant Swaroop, Don Bosco Academy
  • The ‘LAKSHYA-Discover Your Career’ Career Assessment Test has helped me to clear my views for future life.

  • Well! Through the Career Assessment Test at LAKSHYA, I found that I have definitely chosen the correct career to pursue. The most interesting/surprising thing was how accurate the outcome of this test was.

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