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Why Career Counseling should be an Integral Part o...

Why Career Counseling should be an Integral Part of Education?

“The future depends on what you do today” - Mahatma Gandhi

Students need to explore today what they really want to do in future. They need to clarify whether they should follow the opinion of their father or mother, follow their friends or should they follow their own dream career.

The turmoil of making a career decision results students landing into wrong career, failure, unemployment/underemployment and depression.

Career counseling is the guidance provided to the students as well as their parents about the career decision they should make. It can be of great help to the students who are not able to decide which career option they should go for. It also helps those students who are already certain about their career option, to achieve their career goals in the most efficient way. It helps the students to get a clear picture as to where they want to see themselves 6-7 years down the line and how they can bring out the best in them.

In order to plan out a prosperous career, counseling is provided by career experts known as the career counselors who have years of experience and know-how in their respective areas. Career counselors help the students to first select the most appropriate career goal and further advice them how to brush up their skills and capabilities in order to achieve it. These career experts suggest various courses, colleges and universities to the students and provide all the insights about various career options and their scope available in India and abroad and assist them in achieving their final goal.

Generally Career Counselors put the students to various personality tests (Psychometric Assessment) to find out their personality traits, areas of interest and values and suggest them those career options in which they can yield better and exceptional results. They help them to get their hand around it and make the right decision so that they need not pound the pavement in future.

In today’s challenging scenario, if career decisions are not taken wisely, it would have an adverse impact on the lives of the students in the long run.

It has proven to be of great importance and help to the students and parents who have gone through career counseling for taking a career decision. The counselors help the students to achieve a fulfilling and successful career by guiding them to take up those career options in which they are interested in and which requires those skills in which they are outstanding so that they can give in their best performance in future.

-- Sufia Begam

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